A Pokémon comic listing website. A lot of the comics may have Pikachu, but check it out anyway! There are some that I read!

One of the first web comics I ever read, along with one of my favorites. If you don't like sprite comics, you'll still like this comic. It's just that awesome. It follows the story of Brendan from Pokemon Emerald as he adventures with May, a green-loving psychopath named Wally, and his shiny Mightyena, Rocky. Did I mention that this is the most famous sprite comic on the web?
A comic about... Well, I can't really explain it in a nutshell. There's a Honchcrow and stuff. The art is good. It's funny when it needs to be. All that nice garbage. Just read it.

A comic about a violent Clefairy. Isn't that just strange? That sounds like an idea I would come up with! (Just kidding, I'm much too lazy to draw Clefairy) Anyway, just check it out. Hurry up! Stop reading this!

A comic about a mage named Blue and a ninja-raccoon named Zack that venture through kingdoms fighting off zombies and stuff. It's also got crabs. Which is awesome. Read it before they attack you.

An utterly hilariously worded comic that fell victim to bulk uploading. Or, to put it simply, this comic deserves many more fans. Do yourself a favor and read this gem of a gaming comic. It's beautifully hilarious.

More of my comics!

A comic I started 4 years before Sushi Gummy. Super Normal is my REAL main comic. Although it may not seem so, Super Normal is more important. Just accept the truth. George is the main character in this comic, too, and it's about his adventures in Sporkville as a super hero!

Follow my RuneScape character, Ilikemario, as he causes destruction wherever he goes and ruins the game we all know and love little by little.
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