Comic Date Uploaded Creator
Mario Kart Wii and Speed Racer 5/17/08 SushiGummy
Forum Broke 5/24/08 SushiGummy
Harkins 5/27/08 SushiGummy
R.O.B. or Wall-E? 5/29/08 SushiGummy
Comic Con 1 7/25/08 SushiGummy
Comic Con 2 7/26/08 SushiGummy
Comic Con 3 7/27/08 SushiGummy
Check out what I got for my Birfday 12/14/08 SushiGummy
Delicious Lie Cake 2/11/09 SushiGummy
My school gets a sample of my crazy! 3/30/09 SushiGummy
Top 10 Games that Nobody Knows About (1/4) 9/22/09 SushiGummy
Top 10 Games that Nobody Knows About (2/4) 9/23/09 SushiGummy
Top 10 Games that Nobody Knows About (3/4) 9/24/09 SushiGummy
Top 10 Games that Nobody Knows About (4/4) 9/25/09 SushiGummy

Guest Comics and Fanart

Comic Date Uploaded Creator Creator's Comic
Applications 6/25/08 BlueLink The Blue N
Caramell Danson 7/19/08 metaishopeless Kirby of the Stars
3D Apartment i dunno Sekai None
George Boden 7/14/09 Adriafox222 Any particular comic
Alternate Version - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Page 45 8/5/09 Jolt The Last Continue
DS Family Tree 9/9/09 mastokid Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Death!
Rescue Team Sushi Gummy & Darkrai 9/10/09 surfer1020 Itobi Comics


Comic Creator Date Uploaded Description Page
Lunar Hill Armbyorg Unknown Being a 'choose your own adventure' comic, one of the commands was to steal George's shirt. Armbyorg didn't want to get in trouble for stealing my fish, so at first it was just mentioned. Five pages later I gave Armbyorg permission, and the main character (Hillman) wore a fish shirt for a while. Nothing much happens in between except for one page when Goldy grows bunny ears. Later, Hillman gets hungry and decides to eat Goldy, claiming it tastes like sushi gummy. Goldy appears one more time later outside a window. Hillman considers the consequences of stealing the fish shirt, Hillman steals the fish shirt, Goldy gets bunny ears, Goldy gets eaten, and Goldy shows up outside a window.
Zain BlueLink 10/16/09 Zain, the main character, crashes through a ceiling into a classroom, shocking all the students inside. One of the students is a younger version of George. 0-3


Comic Date Uploaded Reviewer
Comic Review Pals 7/15/08 shadowrider7
Comic Reviews 1/23/09 Beastie
Let's Review, Shall We? 6/5/09 girldirtbiker
Second Opinions Reviews Express 8/16/09 BlueLink
Comics Reviewed According to Prodigiousness 8/20/09 Hexaditidom
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